Pasadena Neighborhood Winery
260 E. Colorado Blvd, Ste 221
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 793-8898 phone
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Store Hours
Wednesday to Sunday: Noon – 8 pm
Monday & Tuesday: Available for private events

The winery is also available after
hours for private events.

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With our state of the art, fully-equipped wine making room and our expert wine makers by your side, you'll experience the fun of making your own great tasting wine in as little as eight weeks!

The Process
  1. Select Wine Type - Come into our winery and decide the type of wine you'd like to make. Sample our ready-made stock and/or consult with our expert wine makers to help you decide.
  2. Mix Wine - Your high quality juices are mixed with yeast and other ingredients to formulate the ideal wine to suit your taste with the help of our experienced staff.
  3. Determine Labeling - Discuss customized labeling options with D'Vine Wine staff in preparation for your next visit to bottle and label your wine.
  4. Fermentation - Our vintner's will nurture your wine through the fermentation process over the next 10 - 16 weeks, depending on the type of wine you've selected.
  5. Bottle, Cork, & Label - Once fermentation is complete we will contact you to come back to our winery for the bottling, corking and labeling of your wine. We encourage you to bring friends and make a party out of it! It takes approximately 2 hours and is an assured good time. If you don’t have fun, we’ll ask you to leave!!!
  6. Take Wine Home - Take your wine home to stock your personal wine cellar or share with family and friends.

Personalize your wine and make a memorable and lasting impression! Choose from our assortment of standard wine labels or create your very own. Ideal for corporate gifts, wedding souvenirs, customer appreciation gifts, birthday, or any occasion.

Here is a sampling of labels you can create. When making your own label, the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination!

"Make Your Own Wine" is available in batch quantities starting at $300 per batch. Each yields approximately 28-30 bottles. Customize your own labels for just $30.

Sweet Wines
$300 Batch
White Wines
$325 Batch
Red Wines
$350 Batch
Specialty Wines
$375 Batch and up

Pasadena Delight (Peach Chardonnay)

Rio Red (Grapefruit Blanc de Blanc)

Pasadena Onyx (Blackberry Merlot)

Frosted Blanc



Pinot Grigio


Pasadena Red (60% Cabernet Sauvignon/40% Merlot)

Racetrack Red (Pinot Noir Blend)

Cowtown Red (Barolo Blend)

Old Town Red (Merlot Blend)

Rojo Grande (Rioja Style Wine)

Cabernet Sauvignon (Pure Varietal)

Merlot (Pure Varietal)

Shiraz (Pure Varietal)

Pinot Noir (Pure Varietal)

Zinfandel (Pure Varietal)

Chocolate Port

Wines are also available for purchase; wine by the bottle start at $13.99 per bottle.

Wine Tastings -
All our wines are available for tasting starting at $5 for a flight of 3 wines.